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Does installation complete application without content display?

You need to set enable to Enable on desktop and mobile.

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How to use it?

The application is divided into three modules: stick, shopping cart and button, Each module is independent and can be configured with styles, After installing the application, click app App to set up the app App.

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  • The enable function of the button module can be set to: mobile on, pc on, full on, or off.
  • The button's small shopping cart icon can be switched according to your own store style.
  • The background color of the stick, the jump mode of the button, etc., can be customized according to the needs of your own store.

And you can see the effect of the settings in real time in the preview window, and only after clicking publish will you really change the store's stick cart application settings.


What are its advantages?

You can see the preview in app in real time without affecting the use of the store.


Does it affect other functions of the store?

Please rest assured that the use of this product will not affect the normal use of any functions of the store,Our original intention of launching this product is to help you have more trading volume, not to drag down your store.


After using the personal domain name, the administrative settings panel cannot be opened?

1. Open your Shopify background domain name management. 2. Click Shopify Domain name Management.

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3. Click Don't redirect to primary domain.

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