How to completely uninstall Multi Pixels For Facebook


The uninstallation of shopify background apps does not completely clear the related code in Themes.Therefore, if you want to uninstall app completely, you need to delete the code related to the app in Themes.The deletion steps are as follows:

  1. Click Online Store ->> Themes->> Actions->> Edit code
    1. Enter the interface as follows:

  1. Search for pixel in the theme.liquid file, it is usually on the next line of the <head> tag
    1. Delete code:

      {% include 'fb_pixelSets' %} 

      Then click the save button

  1. Find the "theme-backup-FbPixelSets.liquid" file and fb_pixelSets.liquid file in the Layout folder and Snippets folder respectively, last click the Delete file button to delete
  1. After completing the above steps, you have completely deleted the relevant code of the application in your template code. Now enter the APP list and delete the application!