FAQ - Multi Pixels For Facebook


Welcome To Multi Pixels For Facebook


Caution: do not use the Shopify App KIT, it’s not compatible with Multi Pixels For Facebook. Thanks for installing Multi Pixels For Facebook on your awesome Shopify Store.


Please check the following to ensure your success:

  • Please ensure you have removed your Facebook Pixel ID from the Preferences Page on your Shopify Store . remove it from any other pixel tracking apps to ensure there are no duplicates or conflicts with our app. Also, you must remove any manually installed pixel tracking scripts and code from your store for the same reasons.
  • You only need to use Multi Pixels For Facebook to manage all your Facebook Pixels.Again, please remove your Facebook Pixel ID from the Shopify Built In Pixel Tracking on your store, otherwise you will get duplicate pixel events and inaccurate data reporting.
  • When you paste your Facebook Pixel ID’s into our app, make sure there are no spaces before or after the digits.
  • Please note that all the billing for our app is handled completely by Shopify.
  • Important – when changing themes you must revisit the app dashboard in order for the script to update the collection information, otherwise it will not track the collections correctly.
  • Important – if you change the SEO URL of a Collection, you will need to revisit the app dashboard in order to fix the Collection URL assignment.

Multi Pixels For Facebook Helper WARNING

The pixel is not paired with any product catalog. A relationship between a pixel and product catalog must be specified.

If you decide you like our app and you know it is a must-have for your business, then please spread the word to all your Shopify friends and family.

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How to completely uninstall Multi Pixels For Facebook